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Simply Money Spring Newsletter - Your Window on Financial Matters

Posted on April 08, 2016  

As usual, we have sought to address topical issues that are likely to be of interest to most readers. Included in this edition are a succinct Budget Update and:

  1. Baby Boomers v Millennials – who fares best?
    A Commons committee is examining ‘intergenerational fairness’ and the role of official policy.
  2. World stock markets – separating the drama from the data
    Viewing investment as a medium to long-term pursuit helps to iron out the peaks and troughs.
  3. Inheriting an ISA allowance from your spouse
    About 150,000 married ISA holders die each year; a 2015 rule change can aid their spouses.
  4. Income needs in retirement
    Develop a comprehensive plan to help create the sort of retirement you’ve always wanted.
  5. Every day is Father’s Day
    Sadly, death is just one unexpected event that could leave a family facing financial difficulties.
  6. State Pension – confused? You’re not alone
    Many people are unsure what the new scheme means for them and who will get £155.65 p/w.

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Simply Money

We do hope that you find this newsletter both interesting and informative. Should you have any queries, or require more information on any of the articles or any other financial matter, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our next newsletter should be available in Summer 2016.

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